We are particularly interested in your point of view. Apparently your customers are too.


The big difference.

Why does so much of today’s design look the same? Simple, it’s the lack of point of view. While companies are hustling to build a brand, they are forgetting the most important job—to present a point of view. It’s the only real thing that makes companies (and people) unique. It’s your DNA. Design without your point of view is design without context, without roots. It’s missing the ‘you.’

Let’s make friends.

Of course it’s your logo, your brochures, your packaging, and your website that set you apart—that is if it faithfully represents your point of view. If it doesn’t, you become a company with style and no substance. However, if your point of view is imbedded in your design, you speak with a whole different kind of voice. A voice of candor and authenticity. Customers eat this up. They crave the humanity of companies. They root for companies they can believe—and believe in. It’s just like picking friends.

It’s for your own good.

We get this. We’ve made ‘point of view’ the core of our practice. We help individuals and companies identify and express their point of view through design. When we design with your point of view in mind, our ideas aren’t arbitrary or contrived. They are made to speak with your voice. They fit you. The design doesn’t operate on the surface rather becomes a porthole into who you are. Design that separates you from the fray—and that’s good for business.